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The Utrecht Buccaneers are a band of students brought together by a passion for ice hockey. For almost 25 years the Buccaneers offer all students in Utrecht the opportunity to play this spectacular game. Whether you have prior ice hockey experience or not, all students are welcome to try and develop their skills.


On the frozen seas (ice) we strive for success, but our main aim is to have fun as a crew. We take part in the student competition of the NIJB (Dutch Ice Hockey Association), a non-checking league consisting of 6 other student teams from around the country. Off ice we aim to have fun, come together as a team and show Utrecht and any other city we are in how to party like a pirate. No matter our backgrounds or hockey experience, we come together under the Buccaneers banner to form a family. We play as a team and look out for each other on and off the ice. We are ONE CREW.

Points Table

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Buccaneers Utrecht101
Bulldogs Groningen101
Icehawks Eindhoven213
Radboud Saints213
Slapping Studs Enschede112
Thor Amsterdam022

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