Join the crew

Who are we?

The Utrecht Buccaneers are a band of students brought together by a passion for ice hockey. For almost 25 years the Buccaneers offer all students in Utrecht the opportunity to play this spectacular game. Whether you have prior ice hockey experience or not, all students are welcome to try and develop their skills.

On the frozen seas (ice) we strive for success, but our main aim is to have fun as a crew. As of this year we take part in the normal 5th devision of the NIJB, a non-checking league consisting of 7 other teams from around the country. Off ice we aim to have fun, come together as a team and show Utrecht and any other city we are in how to party like a pirate. No matter our backgrounds or hockey experience, we come together under the Buccaneers banner to form a family. We play as a team and look out for each other on and off the ice. We are ONE CREW.

What do we offer?

• 2 on ice practices per week
• 14 league games per season
• 3-4 rookie games per season
• 3-4 extra friendly games per season
• Multiple tournaments at the end of the season
• Biweekly borrels/drinks
• Annual winter trip
• Unforgettable team parties

And much, much more…

What are we looking for in new members?

We only ask for two things from our members; hard work and participation. We want you to work hard on the ice to improve yourself as a player and the team as a whole, and to take part in the off-ice activities, in this way maximizing the fun we can all have as a part of our legendary crew.

Does this sound like something for you? Do you have an interest in Ice Hockey? Do you love partying? Do you want a band of brothers and sisters to share your student experience with? Then send an email now to with your name, any hockey experience you have (if any) and a short introduction of yourself, and you could become part of the most notorious crew in Utrecht!

Rookie Camp

The Utrecht Buccaneers Rookie Camp is a three-time practice-period for people who are interested in joining the Buccaneers’ crew. Both beginners and more experienced players can join these sessions, led by the Buccaneers coaching staff, where they learn the basic principles of hockey, game rules, skating, passing and shooting. Also, players from the regular crew will join the coaching staff for individual coaching and assistance.

» This year, rookie camp will take place in De Vechtsebanen In Utrecht – it will be shortly after the summer hollidays on Monday evenings! Due to popular demand, we advise students to apply for the rookie camp as soon as possible.

» We advise all rookies to make sure to be at the ice rink at 45 minutes before the start of the rookie camp practice in order to receive rental skates, sticks and instructions before going on the ice.

» Costs for the Rookie Camp will be €20,- total.

» Rental skates are available at the hockey rink. Other equipment can be loaned after consultation.

For more information or to sign up, please contact us by sending an e-mail to If you send a mail to sign up please include your full name and contact information, age and your previous hockey experience (if any).

More Information

» Beginners who join the Rookie Camp only need skates and a stick. However, we do advice to wear (hockey) gloves to prevent blisters or unfortunate injuries to the hands.
Sticks can be loaned after consultation, skates can be rented at the hockey rink. When you do not have your own stick, please let us know in advance. Please notice to tell us whether you shoot left or right, if you do not know we will help you figure this out.

» The hockey rink will be divided into two halves. On the first half, the regular team will practice. On the other half, all rookie skaters and beginners will participate in the Rookie Camp, led by assistant-coach/captain and several players from the regular team.

» Participating in the Rookie Camp goes without further obligation. All rookie skaters are free to decide to either continue to play hockey with the team or leave and cherish the experience.

» When you do decide to continue and join the regular team, more information on contribution and fees will be given. Also, full equipment will be needed to participate in practices and matches with the regular team. Possibilities to loan or buy equipment from other teammates can be discussed.

We are a recreational team with championship ambitions, but having fun as a team is our main goal. Therefore we invite you all to join our fun and good times. We are a team with players from around the country, as well as around the world. We share one thing: our passion for hockey. Some of us are experienced hockey players, while other are still learning and have just begun playing. Nonetheless, we only ask one thing: hard work. Do not hesitate to join the Rookie Camp if you don’t have any skating or hockey experience. When you deliver hard work, you are part of the crew, no matter how good you are. We play as a team and watch out for each other. We are ONE CREW.

» Questions about our Rookie Camp can be sent to,
» Questions about hockey or any other general questions can be send to

Contribution and Gear

The contribution and other costs may vary, this is because they are dependent on our subsidies and membership numbers. However, in general, you can expect the following costs.

Contribution for the winter season is around €260. You will also need to get an Olympos membership which will cost €130, This will, however, give you access to the Olympos facilities, and will be valid for the whole year.

To play ice hockey you will need and want to use the right equipment. We can rent this equipment to first year players for €50, however you do need to buy yourself skates. It is up to you if you want to buy new skates or second-hand ones. During your first year, it is recommended to stay on the lookout for second-hand ice hockey gear, as you will need to return the rented gear after the first year.

We also provide a summer season in which we practice once a week. This is not mandatory but good to sharpen your skills. Cost for the summer season is very dependent on the number of sign-ups, but will be between €150 and €250.

We understand that this is a lot of money that is why it is possible to pay in terms. Of course, if you are unsure if it is worth it we recommended that you sign up for the rookie camp and afterward decide if it is worth it or not.